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Meet Semone

Advocating for progress, serving with heart


Born into a military family, Semone Pemberton learned the value of service and dedication early in life. As a child of the armed forces, she traversed different landscapes, absorbing diverse cultures and nurturing a deep appreciation for community and unity.  Having arrived in Fayetteville in 1995, she left briefly to pursue a corporate leadership career, gaining invaluable insights and skills, only to return in 2015 with a renewed dedication to her roots.


Semone is a doer! Her impact extends far beyond the spotlight, often found quietly volunteering behind the scenes, driven by her genuine passion for uplifting others. Her altruistic endeavors are a testament to her belief that true change begins within communities, where every individual should have access to the tools needed for personal and collective growth. This conviction blossomed into her founding a nonprofit that offers free mini-courses, empowering individuals with essential life skills. This initiative reflects her belief in the transformative power of education and her commitment to leveling the playing field for all.


Boards & Commissions

  • Chairwoman, Fayetteville-Cumberland Human Relations Commission (2019-2023)

  • Fayetteville-Cumberland Continuum of Care (2020 - 2023)

  • CityView News Fund (2022 - 2023)

  • Healing America (2023 - Present)

  • Longleaf Pines Association - Legislative Committee & Public Affairs (2023 - Present)




For Semone, family is the cornerstone of her values. Her unwavering dedication to her loved ones fuels her drive to create a better, more secure future for all families within Fayetteville.  Her devotion to her own family instills in her an understanding of the challenges faced by families and individuals across the city, motivating her to advocate for policies that prioritize their well-being and success.

At the core of her principles lies her relationship with Jesus Christ, serving as a guiding light in her endeavors. Semone's faith informs her moral compass and shapes her vision for a community where compassion, equality, and justice prevail.


Semone Pemberton pledges to continue her unwavering dedication to service as she embarks on the journey to represent NC Senate District 19. Her campaign is not just about securing a seat but about amplifying the voices of the unheard, advocating for progress, and ensuring that the city receives the crucial financial resources and advancements it deserves. She is poised to be a courageous leader, powerful advocate, collaborator, and catalyst for positive change in the lives of all constituents.


Semone is poised to be a courageous leader, powerful advocate, collaborator, and catalyst for positive change in the lives of all constituents.

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