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Senate Majority Whip Tom McInnis

Endorses Semone Pemberton for NC Senate District 19

June 10, 2024

Fayetteville, NC, June 10, 2024. Senate Majority Whip Tom McInnis, a respected figure in North Carolina politics, has endorsed Semone Pemberton for the crucial NC Senate District 19, covering the City of Fayetteville.


"It's time that we put a person in office who will put the people first!" stated Senator McInnis. "The first time I met Semone, I knew she was a quality person." He elaborated. "Once she announced her candidacy, I knew we had a quality person and a quality candidate!" Senator McInnis emphasized the importance of leaders understanding constituents' issues and taking proactive steps to find solutions. Pemberton's reliable leadership and passion for public service are precisely what Fayetteville needs in the NC Senate.


In response, Pemberton highlighted her goal to support and maximize the efforts of Senator McInnis, Representative Diane Wheatley, and other officials of Fayetteville. "I've been serving the community for nearly a decade. That's not going to stop. It's authentic, not just because I'm running for office. I look forward to the honor of continuing to serve."


As the election approaches, Senator McInnis is emphatically urging citizens to actively support Semone Pemberton's campaign for the NC Senate (District 19) financially and through volunteerism, assuring them that she is a trustworthy advocate who will be instrumental in propelling Fayetteville forward.


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Committee to Elect M. Semone Pemberton


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